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Dear Fundraiser,

How would you like to see a hugely popular, energetic stage show – one that gets rave reviews from young and old – come to your community and absolutely thrill the hundreds of families that attend? How would you like to see children’s faces light up with excitement and leave them so thoroughly mesmerized that they’re talking about it for weeks afterwards? How would you like the thousands of dollars raised by the performance to go into YOUR fundraising account?


If you’re one of the many, many, many community organizations who are frustrated by “having” to fundraise, and are tired of constantly doing a bunch of itty-bitty fundraisers all year long … wouldn’t it be nice to do just two or three fundraisers that raise really big money quickly and efficiently?

Instead of feeling guilty about pushing people to buy things they don’t really want, or running a raffle or prize draw that leaves 99.99% of contributors having received nothing for their money, doesn’t putting on an event that has the entire community thanking you sound like a much more rewarding option? Wouldn’t it be great to pave the way for an eagerly awaited annual event … a seasonal fundraiser that you can bank on to earn a sizeable chunk of your yearly operating funds?

Harness the goodwill created by bringing a positive family event to the community and raise awareness of your group, resulting in increased membership and participation in all of your follow-up events and other fundraisers?

Take the success methods you’ll learn from hosting such an event and apply them to all your other fundraisers, instantly making more money with each and every other fundraiser you undertake?

I am completely, without a doubt, 100% positive that all of these benefits and more are available to any group that works with this program.

I’ve been presenting magic shows and fundraisers throughout New England for over 24 years, and during that time I’ve discovered some fascinating techniques that have helped schools, service clubs, youth groups and many other community organizations turn family fun into thousands of dollars.  Currently, I have been trying to put these strategies into a user-friendly, sure-fire fundraising system to help groups like yours achieved unbelievable successes using these methods.

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Your Group Recognizes The Importance Of Family Values And The Opportunity To Raise Thousands Of Dollars
By Providing A Positive Event To Your Community!

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If you are looking for a different way to be entertained or just need feature entertainment,
“The Magic of Jason Purdy” is for you!

Treat yourself to a fun filled evening of magical entertainment at its best!
Don’t miss the opportunity to experience “The Magic of Jason Purdy”!

“From up-close and small to the grandest of halls, we do it all!”

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Internationally known Magician and Illusionist Jason Purdy is a full-time professional entertainer. His comedy magic and illusion shows are in demand entertaining a wide array of audiences at various corporate events, colleges, resorts, fairs, schools, community and private events throughout New England. (NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, ME) and the United States.

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