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Jason Purdy was born on April 29, 1974 in Keene New Hampshire USA. The first few years of his childhood were somewhat difficult, as his parents moved around quite a bit. His father, (a master electrician by trade) traveled to where the money was good in order to support his family. Jason has a relatively large family, but only has one sibling, an older sister.

Jason started school in Lynn Massachusetts. He attended kindergarten in 1979 at Little Brickett Elementary School. In 1980 he moved on to first grade at Brickett Elementary School. Jason was involved in Cub Scouts in Lynn. It was at a scout banquet that he first saw a magic show. Sometime during that year his family moved “back home” to Keene NH. The rest of Jason’s elementary years were attended at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School. This included first grade through grade five. In the year of 1981 Jason received a magic set from one of his aunts. A star was born! He was seven years old and started practicing his newfound art. One year later, Jason saw his second live magic show at a local school. This show made him want to become a professional magician.

At the end of his fifth school year in 1986 Jason performed for his entire school. However, he was not performing magic; he was doing an impersonation of his favorite pop singer/entertainer Michael Jackson. Jason loved many forms of art. Jason’s mother was a professional belly dancer and helped with choreography and costuming for his magic act. He stopped dancing like Michael Jackson and started performing magic shows for friends and family at birthdays and holiday functions.

In 1986 through 1989 Jason attended sixth, seventh and eighth grades at Keene Junior High School. Once again, (at the end of his eighth school year) Jason made a name for himself by performing his magic for his school talent show. This show led to the start of his career. In 1990 he performed for Camp Holiday for Handicapped Children and their families.

Keene High School kept Jason busy with schoolwork and studies. However this didn’t stop Jason from continuing his career. He was studying business and public speaking to assist his career. At the same time he was performing professionally at schools and libraries in nearby towns. In 1992 Jason did a fundraising show for a local school’s playground fund. This show was open to the public and allowed Him to show his new show to many new faces.

1992 and 1993 were fun years for Jason. He designed and performed magic for “Year Book Magic”. This was Jason’s first time performing on television. During this time Jason also met and performed magic for the future President of The United States. Jason graduated from high school with his class in 1993. After high school Jason resigned from his part-time job as a Pharmacy Technician. He decided he wanted to follow his dream and become a full-time Magician. Jason has sense studied the magical arts with various artists. In 1997 Jason was a headline act at a magic convention he performed “The Magic Fire, flight and Fantasy” in front of hundreds of fellow magicians. (He has been a special performing guest at four magic conventions to date.) The Magic of Jason Purdy currently performs at numerous resorts, corporations, clubs, schools, private and fraternity organizations Throughout New England.  (ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, NY, and beyond)

Jason performed his dove act “The Magic of Fire, Flight and Fantasy” in Osaka Japan in 1998. This was his first international booking. More than One-hundred-fifty thousand people witnessed Jason’s performance in his five week show. Jason says, “These last few years have been so exciting! I can’t wait to see what’s next.”